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Please join us for our wedding celebration on October 20, 2017

Our Story

The Meeting
In 2009 Andrew transferred from Virginia Tech to Salisbury University. This turned out to be the best decision ever because that’s where he met Becky, the Maid of Honor. Becky had a best friend at UMD named Alison who went to visit her at Salisbury (a lot), which led to Andrew and Alison eventually meeting and hitting it off. The two kept in touch over the years, especially when Virginia Tech played Maryland (Why did they leave the ACC?!). In 2014 Alison invited Andrew to go to Brew at the Zoo with her and Becky and they have been together ever since. They even survived spending a year 3,000 miles apart while Alison was in Ireland working hard for her MBA. They now live in Germantown, Maryland, where Alison spends way too much time at Target (there are so many, so close to home!) and job searching (anyone hiring marketing managers?) while Andrew does his thing in the Special Victims Investigative Division (looks like all those hours watching Law & Order SVU paid off) of the Montgomery County Police Department and tries to find ways to avoid Target.

The Proposal
After Alison returned home from Ireland, Andrew had planned a weekend in their favorite place – Bethany Beach. Andrew decided they should go to the place of their first trip to watch the sunset, where they had the entire beach to themselves (Andrew swears he planned it). Alison was busy on her phone (snapchatting the sunset, naturally) and turned around to find Andrew down on one knee and “Will you marry me, Alison?” written in the sand. All Alison could say was “shut up” through some serious tears in her eyes. Eventually she stopped saying shut up and said yes…and the rest is history!

The Wedding
As most of you know, Alison is not the best at making decisions, so Lord knows picking a venue was really fun for Andrew. They visited a ton, looked at even more online, and crashed many others. When they decided to drive up to Sugarloaf Mountain and look at Strong Mansion, they knew they had found their venue (it only took Alison two months to admit it). Nestled up in the mountain, it was like a fall-lovers dream come true and they cannot wait to spend their big day, with all of their favorite people, at this amazing venue!